Monday, May 29, 2017

My Music Monday

It's been a theme-less, but new music month.

I've been spotlighting new music I have purchased so far this year. 2017 has not been a sucky year for new releases. Some years are so sparse, it's sad.

I won't go on record saying I've truly been playing the new Depeche Mode a lot. Songs do come through rotation and not only do I not hit 'next', but I might even replay them a few times in a row.

The best of the bunch is "Going Backwards".

Allegedly, the band wrote and recorded everything well before the SCROTUS election. And it's possible. Martin Gore hasn't even copped to it being about 'Murica.  If it's not, then you can certainly read into how it could be.

I think the song says it all when it calls us on our 'cave man mentalities'. It's a fairly accurate way to describe our devolution over the past two years. Longer actually, but dramatically so over the last 24 months.

There were fan videos, and well done ones, but ones that distracted from what I consider 'the message'.

My song and my Pic of the Day aren't coincidences.

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