Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Year in Pictures - 2015

It is that time of year. A photographic look back at 2015.

Normally, I'd do this a few days before the end of the year, but posts didn't work out that way. But this way, we all get to skip my forced year-end post. If needed I can wrap it into the new year kick-off.

Hopefully, I don't use any - or at least too many - images that have been posted in the blog. No doubt some of have made it to Facebook or Instagram, but I'll try to limit those as well.

I tried for an average or two pics per month. Some have more. One or two have less. Some months provided better photo opportunities or more things happened in my life.

January 2015 - Not me. 

Just happened upon some woman (yes, a girl!) about to take a ride down to Lake Erie.
Cleveland is in the background. I love the shot, I only wish I had gotten some more sky above the sail.

February 2015 - Just Pete and myself on a very snowy / cold day. 

February 2015 - taking a boxing class.

 March 2015 - Renovated and Restored.

March 2015 - I'm assuming this went better thank Lakehurst, NJ circa 1937.

April 2015 - Doggie Stink Eye.

Petey throwing 710 some shade while he's building his Lego Falling Water

April 2015 - Cleveland Plain Dealer screen shot. 

May 2015 - I miss the fuller beard. Maybe after I'm at this new job a little while I can start filling it back in. 

May 2015 - at my nephew's college graduation....well at dinner the night before.

June 2015 - Virabhadrasana I on the beach

June 2015 - With apologies to Milton, I found this billboard hilarious....and I don't even like Chipotle....but then I don't have a food borne illness either. 

 July 2015 - Yoga Under the Chandelier.

Getting my zen on with David.  Clearly I did not take this photo.

July 2015 - ariel shot of Yoga Under the Chandelier. 

I didn't take this shot either. 

August 2015 - Lone woman at a bat mitzvah. 

Morty said it would be my Pulitzer Prize winning photograph, if I did it in black and white.
I played around with the tint and it looks better in its original form. 

August 2015 - see the resemblance?  Me and my great-great grandfather, Emil.

September 2015 - Believe in Cleveland.

I didn't take this, but a drone did. It was better than any of my shots. I'm down there somewhere. I could circle it for you all, but it would wreck the beauty of the picture.

September 2015 - Lincoln Center

Unknown woman reading.

September 2015 - the High Line public art.

It's not Gondor. White LEGOs only (#alllegosmatter). 
The public builds or adds to the existing structures....710 and myself included. 

September 2015 - having dinner with my niece, Maddie in NYC, where she goes to college.

September 2015 - Shoulder Stand on the beach.

October 2015 - at Soaring Cliffs zip lining place.

....doing my best Edith Ann.

 October 2015 - as seen on Iuka Avenue in Columbus, OH.

Crazy college kids? Or Luna Lovegood bullies?

October 2015 - at my old fraternity with two extremely right-winged brothers: Michael & Pat.

October 2015 - Halloween

Friend and Neighbor Markie and myself at his party. 

November 2015 - off to my mother's house for dinner. 

November 2015 - one of the last big Autumn walks with Mr. Pete. 

Such a handsome dude, he is. Me? It seems I have multiple crows feet.....and chins.  Fuck!

December 2015 - my pre-employment physical paperwork.

I couldn't not stop laughing at that one line....because how can you answer it if you cannot?

December 2015 - my artsy holiday photo.

Gravity did it - no animal interaction happened.

That's it. It is not all encompassing by any means, but just little snapshots of 2015. 


Travel said...

Looking forward to next 2016's wrap up,
Happy New Years!

Bob said...

Love the photos!
Favorite Blobby post of 2015: Renovated and Restored. Loved that one!

Fearsome Beard said...

Happy New Year!
Thanks for the hundreds of blog referral clicks as well. 679 clicks to FearsomeBeard from Blooby's Blog!

Fearsome Beard said...

Blobby, damn I need to proofread, you'd think I'd have learned by now......

Ur-spo said...

oh these were all marvelous photos except one.

Mark in DE said...

Very cool!!