Monday, December 14, 2015

My Music Monday

Love him or hate him, Prince is certainly unique.

I like him, but let's be honest, he's put out more bad music than he has good - though I get that it is all relative.

Even during his heydey, some of his selections were questionable. Post Revolution, he still created some good stuff alone and with the New Power Generation. But I'm not digging his 3RDEYEGIRL iteration. And his song "Breakfast Can Wait" is just horrible.

Still, even Milhouse understood what it felt like 'when doves cry'.

And I'm using "When Doves Cry" today.  Shhhhhh.......don't tell His Purple Majesty. He Who Once Could Not Be Named doesn't allow social media to use his music. You'll find none of his videos on YouTube and except for Jay Z's shitty shitty Tidal, he doesn't do streaming either.

Mr. Nelson is a man with an ever-shrinking audience and no real marketing skills, or no desire to actually expand his base. I'm sure he has all the moolah he needs, because it doesn't look like he's earning much on his new releases.

Hell, you got a wiki link to his name because for all intents and purposes, he doesn't even have a website. I think he may be a wee bit crazy.

But I remember, prior to the movie Purple Rain being released, "When Doves Cry" was released in 1984. I remember where I was, and with whom. I think this song really ranks up there in terms of being one of those most perfectly crafted singles ever.

That's kind of saying something.

Technically, I believe the song is credited to Prince & the Revolution, but no one plays on the song other than his royal highness.

Prince & the Revolution - "When Doves Cry"


Bob said...

I never got into Prince. I mean, I liked some of his music while it was playing but as soon as it ended it was over.

Barbara said...

I found this gem:

At the beginning of the song I nearly felt asleep, but it really weeps when his extravaganza hits the stage. Alone for this little masterpiece of guitar work I will forgive a lot of boring music Mr. Nelson threw on the market.

Loved his live concerts, especially on his "Sign of the Times" tour.

Lately Prince was asked: "What do you smoke to stay looking so young?"
"Other guitar players" his answer.

Fearsome Beard said...

Of his music, this is one of my favs. During the era of his popularity heights, I actually liked some of his "protégés" music better than his own.

Jonny said...

His latest album is on iTunes. Guess he REALLY needs the money.