Monday, December 21, 2015

My Music Monday

I can't seem to go too many months without a Blondie or Debbie Harry song - and really, why should I?  It's Debbie Frickin' Harry!

Erik and I are still doing soundtrack songs - or songs that appeared in movies, at least before they showed up on other disks.

I culled through my music liberry and the Married to the Mob soundtrack. There were quite a few songs there from which there were to choose. You almost got Chris Isaak's "Suspicion of Love", which might rank in his top 5 songs of all time - my opinion, of course.

You almost got the Tom Tom Club's "Devil Does Your Dog Bite".  I'd have done Sinéad O'Connor doing "Jump in the River", but it came out simultaneously came out on her second album.

Still one of the best songs on the disk is Harry's "Liar Liar".  Oh sure, it's a horrid video, but it's a great song. And Deb sure loves her repeated one word to two words songs ("Jump Jump", "Rush Rush").

The recording put Harry back in partnership with Mike Chapman, who arguably produced the best Blondie disks.

And the movie - Married to the Mob is fun. I mean, you never see Matthew Modine anymore. Or Mercedes Ruehl. You don't even see Michelle Pfeiffer that much, come to think of it. Or Dean Stockwell......though to be fair, he is dead.

Debbie Harry works more than all of them put together.

Enjoy the song.  I do.


Anonymous said...

I bought that CD for "Goodbye Horses", and ended up loving most of the other songs on it. ~~~ NB

Erik Rubright said...

Methinks I'm going to have to leave a note for the 1st Wave people on Sirius XM to play this...