Saturday, December 19, 2015

One of Two

This working away from home is playing havoc with taking kitty and doggie pictures.  I walk Petey before sunrise or after sunset - so that photo op is out.

As it turns out, not only are there only two pics of this last week, one wasn't even taken by me.

 710 worked at home part of the week, and Sophie was blocking his access to his laptop. 
I'm not 100% sure he minded even a little bit. 

This was last Sunday at my mother's. It seems we end up taking Petey most every Sunday now. As we sat around after dinner - still at the table - he just crashed. Big time. 

Song by: the Bangles


anne marie in philly said...

bet the furkids miss you not being at home.

Bob said...

I get to work part of the week from home and I don't know any more what it would be like to actually have to go "in" to work.

Ur-spo said...

I had forgotten Sophie has such limpid lovely eyes.

Mark in DE said...

So cute! :-)

Shirtless Lovers said...
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