Thursday, December 03, 2015

Don't Take Your Guns to Town

355 folks shot dead in 336 days.  ....and counting.

Think about that for just a moment, will you.


Now, think of the fucking HYSTERIA of 11 reported Ebola cases last year.

Last year.

Zero this year.

And seven of those cases were contracted outside the U.S.

Congress went into action, with travel restrictions, with healthcare policies, with diverting flights and special arrival stations at some of the busiest airports in the country. And by forcing possibly infected people into quarantine.

Yet for 355 deaths......and counting......and yet Congress sits with their thumbs up their ass. ....and not in that good way.

I can't even delve into any details on yesterday's tragedy in Bernardino, CA.  I've barely been able to really comprehend the reaction to the Planned Parenthood killings last weekend.

Unfortunately, the responses are all the same. Posturing on both sides and no one actually doing a fucking thing. Well, except for the Planned Parenthood stuff. Of course, they deserved it: abortion!

But abortion is just as legal as owning assault weaponry and literally no one is taking away their right to own, carry or shoot.

Oh sure, the Right is making it sound like Obama is taking away guns, but in reality he hasn't done one single thing - though he has helped make it easier to own. But that 4-1-1 doesn't play well with GOP against a black President.

I actually have to laugh at Ohio attempting to (and most likely succeeding) on loosening - yes, loosening - where guns can be carried.....including Day Cares. All voted on, but not by 'the people'. The irony is not lost on me that one of those places you cannot carry weaponry is the statehouse.

I am not advocating it, but all it is going to take is a few state senators, their aides and a few school children on a field trip to be shot at said statehouse before the lawmakers rethink all of this.

It's what I call "the Rob Portman Effect":  {and I'm paraphrasing, of course}  I changed my mind on gay-stuff because I just found out my son is a butt pirate. 

Maybe if Rob Portman's son were gunned down by some asshole with an assault rifle, he'd rethink his stance on that too.

Again, I'm not advocating anyone do that.

Speaking of Planned Parenthood........

A friend of mine works for them. It sounds like a thankless job. The normal fires we all deal with in our daily routine are there, plus the 100 amped up ones too. And then stuff like this.

I contemplated calling him this last weekend, but knew he'd be drowning. And sure enough he was - lot of conference calls on state of the day, plus additional emergency preparedness. He started to tell me some of the security measures in place and going into effect and had to stop himself.

While I am not a threat to that organization, the less people know about how PP will combat attacks like this the better.

I would love to end this post with some great revelation or solution, but as these shootings go on and on.....and on.......I find myself more stumped than ever. There is no logic or reasoning to the post-analysis. Adding fucktards like Trump, Cruz or that bunch to the mix only heightens the rhetoric - as they only chance of election with those is to play to 'fear'.

And the police are calling this "possible terrorism".  It IS terrorism. Like I said in another post for another shooting - if a guy goes into a pizza parlor in the Middle East and kills all its patrons, no politician or newsperson hesitates to call it anything other than terrorism.

But to actually call it here within our borders?  Well - that would mean that the NRA, the GOP and all the Second Amendment loving gun-grubbers would be considered terrorists.

So I will just shake my head and sign off for now, vowing not to turn on the television tonight (well, last night, I guess) to anything other than Netflix - just to avoid news.

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anne marie in philly said...

"But to actually call it here within our borders? Well - that would mean that the NRA, the GOP and all the Second Amendment loving gun-grubbers would be considered terrorists." - THANK YOU; THEY ARE!

(add religious freaks to that list please)

Travel said...

I give it 36 hours before an occupant of the "clown car" says, if the people in that community center had been armed . . . " and criticizing California's gun laws.

Michael Dodd said...

So sad, so true, so stupid.

Bob said...

It is terror, and we have our own terrorists, but since, most times, they are white men, white Christian men, white Republican men, it's quickly forgotten.

And listening to all those GOP hopefuls suggest that we pray makes my blood literally boil.

I don't believe in God but for those who do: She did not do this. We did this. We must fix this.

Or just keep praying for all the dead folks.

Mark in DE said...

Couldn't agree with you more.