Saturday, January 05, 2013

Site of the Month

Well, it's been at least two months since you've seen a Site of the Month post from me.  Partially because none of been worthy, partially because I've been lazy, partially because I've had enough to write about that I wasn't using all my 'placeholder posts'.

But it is almost 08:00 and I haven't even drafted anything, mostly due to work and travel schedule, so here you go, early in the month.

It actually comes from 710, who showed it to me in December from a Science Friday segment.  I like Science Friday, if for nothing else, I can hear the host's name, Ira Flatow (though it sounds like Flado).

While the Science Friday site is not technically my SotM, what you will see originates from there. It is a show on landscape astrophotography. 

It. Is. So. Cool.

The segment is about 4 and one-half minutes, but so worth it.

Technically, is it a site or just a video?   Well, you know how this goes:  my blog; my rules.

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