Monday, January 28, 2013

My Music Monday

Overall, I find the Cowboy Junkies quite hit and miss. Their stellar Trinity Sessions kind of minimizes some of the other good work they did - and obliterates the marginal recordings they might have had.

Not to say that their marginal stuff is bad. It's not, but it is nothing I'm rushing out to buy or put on heavy shuffle.

Three of the four members are brothers and sister. I wouldn't last a day with that set-up, but it works for them.

the Junkies never conformed to a certain standard, and always did their own thing - which I respect greatly. Being a minor name in the states and slightly bigger in Canada allows this.  They didn't have a huge formula they had to follow to keep the record company's good graces.

Of course, they are and were only a folk-rock combo, so the traditional standards wouldn't really apply anyways. Nor would the traditional label system keep them around. But the Junkies were good about rethinking that model.  In the last two and a half years, they released four (!!!!) self-published albums.

I haven't heard those yet, but I like the concept of the DYI.

Anyhoo - this week's My Music Monday selection, "A Common Disaster", comes from their 1996 release Lay It Down.

White the song is still fairly low-key, they execute it well and it just might be their closest thing to a radio "hit".

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Erik Rubright said...

I guess with a sibling band, there's not a lot of backstage orgies going on....