Monday, January 07, 2013

My Music Monday

Yes, I know I normally do "established" artists for the My Music Monday segments, but I'm straying this week. 

In the past, I have given my niece, Katie, a focus here. I still would like to see Katie record more (she got a new mic from us for the holidays), but I fully support her school work coming first - and she graduates college in a few months, so who knows what she'll do (though she just posted an Aimee Mann cover). 

But Katie also inspired one of her younger cousins, Maddie, to pick up a guitar (and ukulele, and bass guitar).  Though both of Maddie's parents are very musical as well. 

Her mother played guitar (she still might), sings and "starred" in two of her high school musicals.  Oh yes, I learned Fiddler and South Pacific in grade school.  I had no chance of being straight.  None. 

Maddie's father sings opera. 

But Maddie was picked to perform original material last summer at the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.  She was one of a handful high school kids invited. 

A friend of hers posted one of her songs, "If I Come Back", which is what I'm featuring here, last week.  

The video is blurry and the audio could be a little better, but still you can hear the structure of the song and her songwriting.  It's pretty impressive for a 15 year old.  It's pretty impressive for most ages. And it's possible she wrote is before she was 15, she just performed it at that age. 

I'm hoping she puts some of her other stuff up on YouTube, or wherever.   And the song is also on iTunes.  


Unknown said...

You've got an amazing niece, signed her mother.

Sarah Park said...

She is such a talent. I hope she will pursue a career after college.