Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Let Go

More yoga.

Last night I had a free pass to one of those mega-gyms - Lifetime Fitness.

OMG, what a horrid experience.  Tooooooo many people.  The parking lot at 18:30 was like an Ohio State first day of classes.  Eight cars vying for each parking space.

Granted, it's the first full week of the year, and everyone is still pretending to work-out and keeping their goals.  So why they had a free yoga session during this week was beyond me.

I'm guessing there were 75 people in the class.  Immediately it was stifling in the room.  It wasn't a Bikram yoga class, but it was pushing the 90 degree mark.

We had the instructor before at one of our Sunday classes and she was no fun. The class was no fun - and not just because I couldn't do it all, and I couldn't.  But like two weeks ago, the yoga class, became a core class, then a boot camp class, going to aerobics and then worse - to dance.  And then it was  - do any pose you want to yoga.  It was anarchy!

I didn't sign up to do dance or aerobics.  I can deal (to a degree) with core / boot camp, though that's not what I signed up for.

Oh, and it was unannounced, but it turned out to be an hour and forty-five minute class.  Yikes.

But I had a hard time focusing and letting go.  The instructor was on 78rpm.  You couldn't get into one pose before she was two ahead of the rest of the class - no one could keep up.  That was the aerobics part - but I never felt we got into, let alone held, a pose.  To me, that was frustrating.

75 minutes into the class, someone did ask when it was over, which is when she mentioned it was an almost two hour class.  Audible groans were to be heard.....including from me.  I had to step out for five minutes for water and into the main gym which was 15 degrees cooler.

I will say, I went with the core of our Saturday and Sunday yoga class, so that was fun, and the women didn't mind the free form dance part.  Us three guys kind of stood around trying not to look or feel like douches. I don't think we were successful.

But chalk another experience up.

As for my 2013 goal of successfully doing a Crow pose: I am 0 for 6.   Sigh.  But it's only been seven days into the year.

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Cubby said...

My experience with yoga consists entirely of reading your blog and reading reports on JMG about how yoga is anti-christian and people are trying to get yoga outlawed from schools. I read what you say and I read what Joe reports and I can't reconcile the two. Are you doing things there that you are not telling us? When in your poses are you chanting backwards? Are you summoning satan? Sacrificing goats and small children? Come on Blobby, tell us!

anne marie in philly said...

my gym is busy too with all the wannabe "get in shape" people. my trainer says 98% of them will be gone by 2/14. meanwhile, I still go and do my thing 3x/week for the past 18 months.

Erik Rubright said...

And this is why I don't go to a gym. ;-)