Monday, January 14, 2013

My Music Monday

I don't know from Lhasa (or Lhasa de Sela).

I don't have tons of outlets for new music introduction.  I am rarely in my car, unless it's to the airport or gym.  I don't listen to the radio with any frequency and even then, Cleveland radio s.u.c.k.s.

No, "Love Came Here" was played by our yogini during last Saturday's class.  I never (well, I can't say that anymore) ask about someone's playlist, but I did after class was over.

Actually, many times, music - especially "popular" music - during yoga distracts me. Not so much this last class. She had a great playlist and it worked with the students, the space and the flow.

While I like "Love Came Here", listening to it now seems to have a much different feel than it did at 09:00 on a Saturday while residing in Child's Pose.   Then it seemed like a slow wake-up song to get class going.  Now it seems like a sultry, dark lounge, sitting in an oversized banquette, sipping a Tanqueray kind of song.

Both work in their own environment - which isn't a bad way to look at music or for it to be deemed a success.

Yes, I don't know from Lhasa, but a quick Wiki search tells me she died at 37, three years ago, with just three albums released.  Born in the U.S., raised in Mexico, lived in Montreal and can almost tell that by the song itself: nationally international.

There is no official video, as this was released as she was diagnosed with cancer around the same time.


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Erik Rubright said...

What's with all the good ones dying at age 37?

I like her voice and style. But this is what I tend to listen to a lot of the time. I don't recall hearing her though, unless she happened to shuffle through one of my playlists on Pandora.