Saturday, January 26, 2013


I'm tired of being cold.

You all already know that I have trouble warming up in the Winter months.

What a shitty week for weather.  I hate to say it, but my doc appointment on Thursday was the first time I actually left the house since seeing Zero Dark Thirty on Sunday.

Yes, it sounds (and is) sad, but in my defense, I do work from home and did have to open the door often to let the dog out to do his bidness.

It's frigid out there!

I know Petey wanted to go for a walk, but in other ways, he wanted right back in after 52 seconds.  ....and I wasn't taking him on two or three 1.5 mile walks per day.

I'm a freeze baby.

I felt so bad when I was going to the doctor though.  He saw me put on my boots and coat and he was SO excited.  He thought it was go-time, but it was not.

Yesterday I made a concerted effort to get him out.  I took 30 minutes from my work day and froze my face for an around the long block walk.  It was all of 13 degrees - not including the wind.   I had my YakTrax on for good measure.  I can't afford another fall.

Allegedly it is getting up into the 20's the next two days.....and then to almost 40 by Tuesday.

Yeah, it's been a brutal week, but I have to remind myself:  it is January in Cleveland.  Usually it will be like this for three weeks in a row - and even colder and with more snow.  It's still be a decent enough  Winter.  Though I do hope this was the worst of it.

Song by:  Mose Allison


anne marie in philly said...

currently 3" of fresh snow on the ground and 10 degrees F at 2:30a on saturday.

we never got above 22F this past week. and the weather is playing all kinds of hell with my asthma.

ah well, baseball season begins in 3 weeks. what's cleveburg going to do this year? I'm not sure where the phillies are headed.

cb said...

I kinda don't want to hear it. It's been WAY colder than that here.

( )

Sarah Park said...

It's been really cold these days especially during the night. Even in a tropical place like ours, the temperature still continues to drop.

David G said...

I had to wear a long sleeve shirt today. Life is brutal!

Ur-spo said...

come visit ! It's not too bad next week !

BosGuy said...

We've not fared any better out here in Boston although I've been assured of a warm up come Wednesday when temps are supposedly expected to hit the low 50s.

Erik Rubright said...

Since you work from home, you could always move to a more southern location....