Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Measure of a Man

Sorry - my App of the Month segment was already done - and the reality is, I am not paying $1.99 for Apple to measure my peen.

Yes, an app to tell you not only how big you schwing-schwong is, but to correctly identify the size condom you should be using.....for her / his pleasure.

But here is what happens on a Monday morning when the paper boy man doesn't deliver the paper.  710 is reading news on-line and sends me this little ditty from PC Magazine.

The article itself was quite amusing - well, at least at 06:30.  It might not have all the yucks when fully awake and functioning.

And yes, you can see how big you are down there for condom style, but we all know that's not what guys are doing it for.

My favourite part is that you can, um, "hard member" up against the side of the screen to be measured.

Well, hell, I should have gone for the Galaxy S3 instead of my puny iPhone5.

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anne marie in philly said...


Birdie said...

I like that there's finally a way for men to get a condom that actually fits. The "one size fits all" approach at the drugstore--okay, two sizes--does nothing to help those who are below the norm to stay protected. This app is great!

Ur-spo said...

dear me what will they think of next?

Erik Rubright said...

But my 4S is only 4.54" long. How the hell am I supposed to measure anything with that?