Monday, January 21, 2013

My Music Monday

Picking the Talking Heads as the artist seemed like a no-brainer, and I'm kind of surprised I have not used one of their songs.

The Heads put out a number of good albums and a number of good songs until, in my opinion, David Byrne got too big for his britches and thought he was the band.

Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz were all great contributors and decent artists inside and outside the band. It wasn't all Byrne. Or shouldn't have been.

I also bound Byrne's solo work to purposefully become too obscure and he was more interested in making sure people thought he was making art instead of music. To me, his stuff became unappealing and unapproachable.

While I think "Psycho Killer" is one of their better songs, and I love the idea of the Heads' concert movie Stop Making Sense, but I wasn't in the mood, as if you know the movie, it starts out with only Byrne and starts to grow as the concert goes on, with musicians and equipment.  The opening number is "Killer" so it is only Byrne.

This week, I went with one of their later songs, "Road to Nowhere", and possibly the last song that was written by the entire band.  At this point in time, Byrne had taken over most of the songwriting - and it showed.

Allegedly, all songs from the Little Creatures albums were ones not used in Byrne's film, True Stories.  It's an ok album, but only an ok one.

Yet, I like "Road to Nowhere" and it seems in the last week it's come across my iPod 2-3 times, so it must be telling me something, right?

Eh - so here it is.


anne marie in philly said...

I have never understood the appeal of david byrne either.

Wonder Man said...

love this song

Anonymous said...

I just keep thinking how self mastaburtorial his music and videos became. King of a musical David Lynch.

Erik Rubright said...

A good song. Sadly 1stWave has played it into the ground for me. Then again, maybe I shouldn't have listened to the same station for months on end.