Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Rape Me

You know, when I first saw this years ago, the immediate reaction was to laugh. It takes a well know visual, and a well known sound byte (thanks Billy Bush) and mashes them up.

But you know what? It's not funny at all. 

My immediate second though it: this is something the GOP / MAGA lovers can finally equate to the disgustingness of BLOTUS. 

It is a cultural reference even the biggest retard (yes, I said it and stand by it) in that group of retards to which they can relate. They might actually see the sleaziness in said reference and apply to real life. 


But probably not, 

Somehow, this will all be the woman's "fault". It will be the jury's fault. Or the judge. 

I'll give it to the system:  the judge, defense and prosecutors didn't know the jury's names. The judge encouraged the jury not to share their names with each other. While they're not barred from talking to the press now, they've been encouraged not to do so. 

I mean, can you imagine the treats they'll get, the vandalism, the harassment and violence they'll experience. 

But the test will come with the GOP. Who are they going to support in 2024? They're so fucking scared of this guy - you know, like E. Jean Carroll was. No one has said 'boo' about this conviction or distanced themselves from him. It's very telling. 

And the ugly ugly truth?  Jabba was hotter less disgusting. 

A somewhat aside:  a fashion designer did her fashion week show (maybe not this year) based on how people at Fashion Week would ask, 'what are you wearing?'.  the designer, a sexual assault survivor had other survivors in the show, wearing what they wore when raped, as every single one of them were asked 'what were you wearing?'.  It was sad and a brilliant move - all at once. 

Song by: Nirvana

....and yes, I know I've used the song/title before, and no doubt will again. 


Yorkshire Pudding said...

It seems incredible, outlandish and utterly frightful that a sexual predator who repeatedly evaded taxation and dodged the Vietnam draft because of fictional bone spurs should even be putting himself forward as a candidate for president. Instead he should be keeping a very low profile and hanging his head in shame. How come his right wing supporters are blind to his warped character? Is there nothing they would not forgive?

Travel said...

He who must not be named, will he ever go away?

Blobby said...

YP - it's not about forgiveness. If anything, it's them using him to find out where the line is on what they can get away with - and there seems to be no limit as of yet.