Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Martha, My Dear

I dunno, man. 

Yay, that an 81 year old woman can score the cover of Sports Illustrated for anything - let alone being a swimsuit "model". 

Yes, Martha looks great, but that was a team of plastic surgeons, stylists, make-up artists, airbrushers, fishing line, lighting technicians and Penn & Teller pulling tricks out of their hat. 

I mean, she has the means (read: money) to be able to look like that, but let's face it, almost no other 81 year old can pull that off - even with the crew listed above. 

So, after 50 years, SI is dodging the annual criticism of porn on the newsstand, sold under the guise as "sport". Or propagating a body type that isn't possible for 99.9999999% of women. 

In reality, the same can be said about Martha. 99.999999% of 81 year olds can't have a body like hers either, because they don't have a bank account like hers. 

That said, I'm not sure SI is physically printed anymore, let alone on a newsstand - or even if newsstands still exist. 

710 and I were discussing the cover yesterday on our dog walk. With on-line porn, boys and men don't need to buy the swimsuit edition to jack-off to. And since it was like 78 degrees out, I then looked around and apologized if anyone had their windows open and heard what I said. 

Since her prison stint and her PBS baking show, I'm pro-Martha. I don't really get high anymore, but her pairing with Snoop Dog on so many things just makes me laugh. I'm not saying Martha partakes, but you know - why not? 

I don't know if SI or women think this is the advancing the gender needs or wants, and it won't generate Cheryl Tiegs sales (wow.........I think I just dated myself with that reference), but they're getting the media buzz. And that's what it's all about. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I think Martha has always been a business woman. She was convicted as a woman for something males walk free from every day , more importantly did her time and came back twice as fabulous. She has always modeled , I’m sure someone approached her and maybe she thought it would throw som publicity at the NewRestaurant she opened in Vegas. Mothers money maker never sleeps, and I mean the actual profit moneymaker.

Anonymous said...

Why the giant raincoat though? Ridiculous

rebecca said...

Rebecca ^^

Travel said...

Why is our model of beauty based on someone who is at the height of their breeding capacity? Mature bodies can be beautiful.

Old Lurker said...

Oh my goodness. Did you have that pink bikini poster hanging up in your room?