Sunday, May 14, 2023


You might know we moved a little over three years ago. Not far from our old house. Just due to where I sometimes run, or where we sometimes drive to take the dog for a hike, we drive past it. 

The house sat on a corner lot, so we don't really drive into the old hood ever (or much), but we still got a view of the house or lot - depending on the time of year and if things were greened in. 

As it turns out they finally started construction on their new house, on our former lot. 

Yesterday, I went past the house twice. Now, when I drive, I notice little that isn't the road. When 710 is with me he'll point things out that I can't possibly see due to driving. Still, on my a.m. drive to my run, I think I would have noticed something had it been there at that time. 

Fast forward six hours.......the two of us with Shep, we round the bend and see......

A lady sitting on a chair, on the sidewalk, talking on a cell, while a car sits up on the hill in the trees. 

If you've been reading this here blog for any amount of time, you'll know that yard was a magnet for car wrecks. 90% of them didn't seem to have drivers. The cars would crash and then immediately abandoned. And those are only the ones we knew about when we were home. How many others were there to which we were unaware?

The only thing new to this scenario, of course, is the chair and person. 

It took us such by surprise, and honestly, I didn't see the car, that we circled around and went back again, and 710 filmed. 

Naturally, I somewhat back storied the entire thing.  Well, parts. 

First off, it turns out the card would have gone through part of our yard, but settled about 10 feet into our former neighbor's hill. 

The angle though. We cannot figure out how it got to where it is. And clearly the po-po had been there, as there is police tape around the site.  That's a new feature.  Well........that and the lady / chair. 

In all our accidents, there was never  police tape. Hell, so many times the cops never showed up. And a tow truck was always close behind. 

I'm not sure if the lady thought the car was going to be looted, so someone dropped off a chair so she could sit while she waited for Mr. Tow Truck? 

I am truly thankful we no longer live there dealing with that kind of stuff.  It's kind of sad I'm writing about this when it is no longer our place or problem. 

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Travel said...

Glad you didn't drive into the trees, looking at the new construction. It must be nice to not hear the screech of cars in the trees.

Old Lurker said...

She doesn't seem particularly happy that you were taking photos.

Blobby said...

I don't particularly care. :)