Saturday, May 20, 2023

Lounge Act

Because of 12 of 12, there was no pet pics last week.  Boo!  Hopefully this makes up for it a little bit. 

Happy Dog.  He loves car rides.

....and being up higher. 

We went to Chippewa Creek to let him splash around. 
A non-swimming water dog. 


We love her. We just had not seen her lately. 

Glamour shot.  Lounge dog. 

Song by: Nirvana


Travel said...


Raybeard said...

Irresistibly adorable, both.

Bob said...

Our little dog also loves to be in high spaces, though getting up and down are in issue!~

Georgia's adorable.

Old Lurker said...

Well, you had ONE pet photo last Saturday. I thought you were throwing us a bone, so to speak.

Ur-spo said...

Doggie photos always make me feel good.