Sunday, May 21, 2023


I should have something for which to write. Alas, the Muses (or something like them) have fled the premises. Perhaps the state. It is tough to blame them on the latter. 

We are making our way though the final season of Mrs. Maisel.  I'm not not enjoying it. I don't know that it is their strongest season, but honestly, you cannot go wrong with Tony Shaloub.  It's a decent season, and unlike the creator's other show - Gilmore Girls - they'd doing some flash forwards, so we don't have to sit through a four show series in 10 years that sucks balls. 

I will say, the Friar's Club episode was well done and had a very different cadence, which was appreciated.  At least by me. 

We are behind in everything television.  Succession. Hacks. Somebody Somewhere. I haven't had the time or attention span to do these, but we want to. Somebody is probs next on the list, as it probably has the least time commitment.  Season 1 was fantastic. 

As usual, we started out the year strong in movies and petered off. Who has all this free time to see all of this content?

Maybe if I watched more, I'd have something to say to day. 

Stupid Muses. 

Song by: Depeche Mode


Old Lurker said...

Never mind TV, I am having trouble keeping up with blogs these days.

Ur-spo said...

The muses are visiting the Fates they rented a timeshare in Provincetown.