Saturday, May 06, 2023

Twist & Shout

It was a trying week. But PJ still reads me and comments now and then, so it can't be all bad, right? 

We have some pics for the week, even a left over or two to use next weekend. I always try to keep a few in case I have a slow / bad dog pic week. 

Ahhhh.....the secrets of blogger life. It's not exciting.....or pretty. 

Our boy does like to roll. 

...and chase squirrels.  People all around point and smile at Shep when he's on the hunt. 
No squirrels were harmed. 

Shep meet Theodore. 
Shep could have been nicer. Theodore was adorable. 

THIS cutie deserved pets. 
I tried. I really tried. 

....but this dude came up and got in the way. I think he went to snap at the cute puppy to show dominance, but between the boxer and golden happened to be my hand. 

Two semi-puncture wounds. And some lost skin on the back of the hand. 
It's mostly my fault.  Years of petting these guys and never once did I have a bad interaction. But it doesn't means I should have been reaching over to play. 

Have I learned my lesson?   Probably not.  But it smarted. 

A beauty amongst the flowers. 

Song by: the Beatles


Raybeard said...

The one of the gang of them (I counted 17!) is so fab-wonderful that I've saved it for my files. All those lovely doggie 'smiles'! But couldn't leave out the one of Shep with tulips so that's gone in too.

Travel said...

Relax this weekend

Old Lurker said...

PJ? You mean dear John-Paul?

Oh dear. I hope you didn't get in trouble for getting bitten. Thank goodness the bite did not pierce your skin. Bad biter!

Bob said...

Dogs'll be dogs'; cute and sometimes snappy.
Hope it feels better soon.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Sorry you got punished for a sweet gesture