Friday, May 05, 2023


I know the last posts have been downers - I get it. 

Unfortunately, I do not have any words of wisdom or humour today. Work was exhausting yesterday, and it didn't help I slept 90 minutes later than I normally do. I ended up with zero morning time, or breakfast. It was up and straight to the gym. 

That said, a 30 minute run had me focused, so my blahs weren't too blah. And my gym crush was there, so there's that. So, that was an ok hour to spend. 

I don't think he pulled up his shirt for me, but who can say for sure? 

And yes, I'm creepy. Sue me. 

I don't know my run for Saturday as of yet. I thought they'd have told us the distance and route. I know we're done with the big runs. So I'm guessing the others will be 6-8 miles? All doable.  ....and who a year ago would have thought I'd ever say that? 

This evening - if things go as planned - I will be meeting a fellow blogger for a drink. Maybe two. 

No, I won't say who. Not now. 

I can't remember the last blogger I met. Or how long ago. Years, I'm guessing. Well, you know, Covid and all. Oddly, there's still a few I'd like to meet, today being one of them. 

I just have to get through work today. My plans for getting stuff done has already been thwarted by a "water intrusion" in an administrative area. Rehoming people, even temporarily, is what I get to do today. I think this makes it the fifth flooding event since I've taken this job, not even three years ago. is to blogger meeting time!  More on that in the future.  Probably. 

Song by: Jimmy Eat World


Old Lurker said...

Oh! A fellow blogger! How exciting! I hope you post pictures.

I think you met up with Dr Spo back in 2018. I do not know whether you hooked up with any bloggers since.

Travel said...

There is interest in a blogger meet up,

Anonymous said...

Buck up. You make me laugh. And that’s saying something. JP x