Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Funky but Chic

I think I'm in a funk.  Actually, I know I am. 

There are no muses today. None really yesterday either, hence the cranky post. 

I gotta take some time off before my vacation in August. I think I've taken two days off in 2023.  Two. I'm sure that's part of my crankiness. I'm hoping for a long weekend in June. I'm kind of committed for the rest of May at this point. 

I have a doc appointment in like 1.5 months. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate my anti-depressant. You gotta figure after a while what you're taking just doesn't work anymore. I blame the news cycle for a lot of my funk. ....the "joke" is, I almost never read past the headline - but it doesn't take a genius to figure out what isn't going on. 

Anyway for a post saying I wasn't going to post, this post has gone on too long. 

Song by: David Johansen


Travel said...

A week away, can make all of the difference, well at least a little difference. Shep may enjoy a road trip,

Old Lurker said...

Have you considered a trip to Iceland? I have heard that can be rejuvenating.

Seriously, though: it sucks that your mood is down, and I can hardly blame you. If nothing else, DeSantis and co are doing a good job of owning the libs.