Sunday, May 07, 2023


My blogger meet up went just fine - thanks for almost asking. 

I'd say, Covid killed me meeting other bloggers, and it's partially true. What is actually truer: I stopped criss-crossing the country for work and having opportunities to meet men (and one woman) who take (or took) the time to blog. 

I have missed a few others along the way, never connecting. A few, I have seen a number of times - John (defunct), BosGuy, CB, Spo, Birdie (whom I adored!) and Mike - who could be argued, we've seen each other far far too often. 

Jimbo in DC and I haven't made it work, but he no longer blogs. I can't see myself in Arkansas (short of human trafficking) to meet Erik. 

But also on the short list was Cookie, from Doing Hard Times in Shaker Heights

I attempted to see him two years ago staying a night in Baltimore, but it didn't work out - not that I gave a lot of notice, and Covid was still running rampant. 

Cookie and I, on paper, have a lot in common. I live Shaker Hts adjacent, and my parents were from there. We are relatively the same age. We both lived in Columbus at the same time. We know one of the same people. 

He was coming back to Cleveland for a family visit and gave me the head's up. Cookie took me up on the offer to meet for a drink after work. 

I arrived 30 minutes early and he was already there waiting for me. I'm glad, as that gave us a little more time to get to know each other. 

I don't know if it is the bloggers I choose to meet or what, but I haven't had one that has gone poorly, or worse, awkwardly. Most everyone, Cookie included, are extremely easy to converse with and none of it seems odd or forced. For the most part, we almost never talk about blogs. 

Oh - and another common item Cookie and I have: the LL Bean flannel shirt he is wearing in the above picture. I'm sure I've posted a pic somewhere / sometime with it on. 

Yes, his picture is taken from behind. If you haven't noticed on his blog, there are no pictures of him. I respect that - as every blogger has their own style. Oddly, he is facing a counter / kiosk for On the Rise, which has some of the best chocolate chip Cookies ever. 

We discussed work a little. Family, a little. Cleveland, a bit. More about Columbus. It was the kind of conversation where you tried a little bit of everything, as you never know when / if you'd see them again. But it was natural and good. 

I am glad we took the opportunity. I think he is too, but I shouldn't dare to speak for him. When I'm back in the mid-Atlantic area, or he is back in the 216, I can see us grabbing another drink..........or two. 

Song by: Dave Stewart


Travel said...

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Old Lurker said...

Oh boy! You met Cookie?! I am mad jealous.

(You should totally consider the blogger meetup. You would like Sassybear, I think.)

The Cool Cookie said...

Dear God! I look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame South Euclid!

I had a great time. And thank you for those warm words. The feeling is mutual.