Monday, May 29, 2023

My Music Monday

It's Memorial Day, but I have no military songs, other than Martika's "Tin Soldiers".    .....again, I kid about Martika. I most certainly do not have that song.  Or Martika's Greatest Hit cd single. 

The Pretenders have a new song out - with a new album on the way. 

Honestly, I have only purchased the first three of their 11 releases.  All very fine albums. Their debut is amazing.  ....and 44 years old !!!!

How does this keep happening to me?

And better yet, I am still amazed that 80s bands are making music four decades later.  Still, 12 disks (the new one will be #12) in 44 years, is a decent output, but not tons either. 

"Let the Sun Come In" is a good song. But it's nothing groundbreaking either. It sounds and plays like the group.  I'm guessing there is no need to stray from what you've done for so long. 

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Ur-spo said...

it was a first time for me