Monday, May 15, 2023

My Music Monday

Lucinda Williams has a new song out - songs, actually.  She has a new album, and a new memoir on the way too.  

2023 will be busy for her. 

I was sorry to read in the NYT that she had a stroke somewhat recently. She can sing, but isn't able to play guitar at this point in her rehab. 

Ironically enough, in the late to mid-2000s, her vocals were so muddied that you would have thought she had a stroke - or was perpetually drunk. I wasn't enjoying her music, though her last disk in 2020 started to reverse that course. 

With her new song, "New York Comeback", she kind of harkens things back to Essence, which came out in 2000 (?), and still ranks as an incredible album. 

I seemingly have a tendency to like female vocalists with extremely distinct voices - Williams, Emmylou Harris or Iris DeMent. I get they're not standard, but they call to me. 

"New York Comeback" also has Bruce Springsteen as a guest vocalist. It's nice to hear the grittiness from both artists together. The song itself isn't horribly special but I'm enjoying it. I mean, I can understand words. 

I'm looking forward to the full disk. 

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