Friday, May 19, 2023

Honey for the Bees

We live in a very progressive part of the city - on purpose.  It's fairly liberal, ethnically and racially diverse, LGBTQI+ affirming and now with a young mayor, moving to do things a bit environmentally forward thinking. 

Last week, the city had an exchange program:  turn in your gas powered mower for a brand new electric one. I'm getting emails daily on our air quality - as I think there is some month thing going on with May being air quality month. 

But the mayor is also touting No Mow May. 

City workers aren't really cutting the public areas for the month. It's more than an air quality issue, it's a pollinator initiative. Let's give the beers a chance to thrive. 

So we are two-thirds into it and so far so fair. You can see on this major boulevard, they did do one swipe on the outside, while the inside fills in. 

In a way, we are participating in this no-mow thing as well. 

When we moved here, the old owners had people cutting their lawn and never cancelled the service. We ended up using them. I went from cutting an acre of yard to don't nothing.   .......which is about what this landscaping company does. 

Other services on our street have been our 4-5 times. Ours?  Once.  Well, 1.5.  Earlier this week they cut the front lawn but not the back.  No matter when 710 calls or texts them, "we'll get there tomorrow". But they don't. It's always a day away. 

Our garage is fairly small and no way we can fit in a mower anyway. We gave our old one to my niece. We had to borrow it last evening so we could cut our own lawn. No doubt they'll show up today. 

This is why 710 doesn't let me deal with vendors and service folks. I'd alienate them more than they do us.  I get it is a transient business - but FFS, stop making promises you can't keep. Should you answer the text or call at all. I'd rip them a new one and fire their ass, but I don't think they'd care. But wishing, hoping and praying that they might show up is a fool's game. 

I haven't seen any bees in our backyard, but who knows. Maybe our no-mow will save the planet. 

Song by: Alison Moyet


Travel said...

You could get a flock of sheep.

Ur-spo said...

I despised mowing and maintaining lawns. I would love to see these monstrosities turn into something better for us all.