Monday, May 08, 2023

My Music Monday

As a member of 10,000 Maniacs, I have seen Natalie Merchant twice in concert. As a performer, she is great. Or at least was. As a "public figure" I found her annoying as hell. 

Her stage chatter was relegated to how filthy your town was, and in interviews, she was high and mighty as well, while still deriding that people looked up to musical artists. A paradox, if you will. 

For the five studio disks she did with 10,000 Maniacs, I liked four of them a lot. The first one, was, well, they were still trying to find their footing. But I've never taken to her solo work. The guy in the Maniacs didn't get their deserved credit, and as time went on with both them and Merchant, I think it showed how much each needed the other. But it never happened. 

The last solo disk of hers I would purchase would be 1998's Ophelia. Though I do love the title track. 

My FB feed seemed to have ads for her coming to the 216, so I looked, and sure enough she has a new disk out, Keep Your Courage

I've sampled a few songs, and none of them are bad. Some draw me in more than others, but with what album isn't that state true. 

She has a few duets on the disk, which I like, but also enjoying today's selection: "Tower of Babel".

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Unknown said...

I like the tracks I've heard from the new release. Never a huge fan, but she has some good solo songs. I like too that Natalie seems to embrace her age and not try to look circa 1992.