Saturday, May 27, 2023

Lick it Up

 We really have to get a cat. I love Shep and all, but we need to mix up Saturdays, no? 

Successful daycare pick-up. 

Car rides.  One of his favourite things. 

I learned absolutely nothing from getting bit the other week. 
99.9999% of the time it's pets and licks. 

Shep's fave place in the back yard is under a bush. He digs a little bed out and goes there to lay down .

Song by: Kiss


Raybeard said...

All pets, incl both canine & feline, just subsume one's own life, but that's part of the bargain one accepts in taking them on. Should you get a furry, purry 'friend' for Shep, it'll undoubtedly be fascinating to watch them reacting to each other. Let's hope that together they provide more entertainment than any concern. Looking forward to what follows your decision, if it goes that way.

Old Lurker said...

Saturday pix are a bad reason to get a cat! Imagine the pressure of having to live up to Sophie's legacy.

I am surprised your sister didn't send you a pic of Bailey in a Memorial Day costume?

Travel said...

Looks like a cool and secure place to nap. Cats are cool.

Bob said...

Shep looks completely at home in his backyard spot!

Calvin said...

He's cute but you need another cat.

Ur-spo said...

I miss your cat photos.