Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Ring of Fire

Now that I have, and am keeping, the Apple Watch, I'm still trying to figure out what is what. 

A lot, but not all, my apps come over to the watch. Am I going to read a New York Times article on my wrist?  I don't think so.  Ditto with checking stocks,  create Blobby emojis or get an audio book. 

I suppose it is nice to know I can do those things. 

There is a running app that is on my phone and my wrist. I'm sure I don't know the nuances of how to use them correctly - or maybe they are different enough. 

On my phone, and through my ear thingies, it will audibly tell me my mileage (at each completed mile), my time for that section, the split time and total time. I think it kind of helps me figure out where I am in the run. 

If I start the same app on my watch, there is no audible anything. The watch will "tell" me when I look at it the same data element, plus you see the stop watch like device buzzing along as you are buzzing along. 

In a way, there is something freeing about now hearing how one is doing and just enjoy the run. 

On the downside, 10 days ago, I was to run 12 miles, but we took 'detour' I know wasn't part of the route and it added 0.8 miles.  By the time I got to the finish / meeting area I had 12.9 miles.  Well, fuck it - I ran around the perimeter of the parking lot to get 13.1 

13.1 according to my watch.  13.07 according to my phone. Same app. Both on my physical presence.  

But since I have no fitbit to tell me my just daily shit, I'm now obsessing over the rings on the health part of Apple products. 

The exercise ring is almost always closed before I'm done with the gym, but the other two - total steps, and at least 12 ours of 'stand time' - are later in the day. I think save one day, all three have been closed, and sometimes lapped a time or two - meaning I've done 2-3 x more than the goal. 

My sense of accomplishments are weird, I get it. But it's some kind of closure - pun fully intended - that makes the day complete. 

I do need a life. 

Song by: Johnny Cash


James Dwight Williamson said...

I’m lucky I neither desire or need an apple 🍎 watch

Travel said...

How did we survive without all of this wizardry. Have you turned on the "help I have fallen and can't get up app? At our age we can't be too careful.

Old Lurker said...

Hearing every mile as it passed would crush my self-esteem.