Friday, May 12, 2023

Bedtime Story

Honestly, I got nothing. 

I'm just tired. Possibly still blue, though trying to break out of that. But tomorrow is almost here - the end of the week, for what that's worth. 

My gym crush is back on my gym schedule, so.......yay. We actually chatted about his future, as he's finishing his residency at the end of June. His Fellowship will be elsewhere - shame......for me. 

He has no ties to the area - no girlfriend or wife, he said. He didn't say he didn't have a boyfriend. Or he was just telling me he was straight without telling me he was straight. 

I wasn't looking to marry him. But he's pretty to look least for the next month. 

Ok, off to bed. Gym time comes early. 

Song by:  Madonna


Travel said...

Will there be a fresh crop of newbies starting soon, something fun to look at?

BosGuy said...

I recently started a new job and for the first time since 2008, I am going into the office (my choice) so earlier this week I opted to bring my gym bag and go to my gym's location downtown after work.

I realized two things: first, I was the oldest guy there by 10-15 years and second, I was completely dickstracted. I think I may have just found my gym-mojo and must go back.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I liked showering in communal showers in gym

Old Lurker said...

You TALKED with your gym crush?? You are a much braver person than I am. (I wonder why I am perpetually single?)

Blobby said...

BosGuy - at least at the time I go, I am the oldest, maybe 2nd oldest in the gym by the 20 least. This "kid" is probably 30-32, based on college, med school, internship and residency.So, almost 30 yrs younger. Yes, I've done the math. Another kid who has seemingly befriended ? me - I've done that math too. I'm older than his father. FUCK!