Thursday, May 04, 2023

I'm Down

I'm still in my funk - and that's ok. I recognize it. I internalize it, and don't knowingly - or willingly - take it out on others. 

It is Mental Health Awareness Health Awareness Month - so it's a good time to talk about when you're not feeling up to snuff. 

We, as a country, find it 'weak' to do so. g-d fucking forbid we feel anything. 

Mind you, I feel my malaise is just passing - in the slow lane, for sure - but not so deep down, I feel I know the root cause, and it was mentioned yesterday in the comment section:  it's politics. 

Let me restate: it's the utter HATE that is no longer just seeping out of pores. It gushes from firehoses. No one even tries to hide it. Well unless you're the governor of Ohio. He's doing everything DeSantis is doing, just quieter. 

Ohio politics is bad. B-A-D. The GOP run state congress has railroaded gerrymandering, voting rights limitations, dismantling the education department, increased weapons and access to, Oh, and concurrently, they are making harder, if not impossible, to be able to change laws and state amendments.  So......yay.

Until yesterday, I assumed I knew how bad things are in this country......and I consider myself a fatalist. Clearly, I don't think I'm even that close to that mark. 

Released, formerly redacted tests from Fucker Carlson were released. It honestly shook me to my core. 

.....and the group that watched him were worried about trans kids and drag queens reading at libraries. 

Fuck - the amount of hate spewed here. If you need to know why Fox thought Fucker was a liability, now you know. 

But can we finally all get together to agree on that Fucker & his cohort don't either understand Antifa is, or what fascism is. Or both.  Racism, he has down. Pat 

Fucker has said he 'passionately hates' BLOTUS. But you know something, I think they just didn't take the rationale for that far enough. If he hates him at all, it's because Fucker doesn't think BLOTUS is bad enough for his liking. 

But the above excerpt is frightening on so many levels. Most of which is viewers who watch shit like this, and eat from the shit trough, are basically watching State TV.  They eat it up and spit / shit it out. The hate just keeps getting notched up. 

Ya see why I'm down. 

On the possible plus side? With this being released, you have to figure Fucker's chances of getting hired by any quasi-legitimate new organization just got a lot smaller. 

As for my mood - don't fret too much. I'll bounce back. Promise. 

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Travel said...

Take care of ourselves, live our lives,

Old Lurker said...

Well, it's nice that somebody is evaluating how white men fight? I guess?

No kidding about Ohio. Add Missouri to that list too.

I'm sorry Tucker Carlson has you down. Not to worry, though. I am sure he will land on his feet somehow.