Monday, May 22, 2023

My Music Monday

It's been almost 50 years (this September) that Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks released their cleverly titled debut (and only duet) disk: Buckingham Nicks.  Listen, everyone can't be clever, right? 

The album, considering the time and their actual experience, wasn't horrible. It has a few decent tracks, and one really good one, "Frozen Love", which is the song that Fleetwood Mac heard which got them into that band. 

I would go on record, that is shows off Buckinham's guitar work more than it does his or Nicks' songwriting / singing. And honestly, Buckingham was the one Fleetwood Mac hired, he just insisted she come along too. that is on him. 

Buckingham would even repeat a guitar riff from this disk that would end up being his guitar work on "the Chain". But you can't sue yourself for plagiarism, I suppose. 

But I'm picking one of Nicks' songs anyway: "Races are Run".  It's been a long time since she's had a voice like this - or a range.  See kids, smoking and drugs (and age) are horrible for your body - and your career.  

Stay in school!


John Going Gently said...

I saw them in Wembley four years ago….

rebecca said...

No Stevie shaming! They would be nothing without her.

Dave in Texas said...

Races Are Run has always been my favorite on Buckingham Nicks. Amazing sound quality too!