Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Running Man

The calendar says "May", which is not even near the beginning of Spring. Yet we are predicted to get snow before even I wake up.  Bother. 

I am very tired of running in the cold and wet. I can almost do with one or the other, but not both. Due to that, I'm going to run tonight with the group. 

I'm sure cold and rain / snow are just an excuse, as you can see from the image I've run in worse. 

Last Saturday was another big run - well over 10 miles. I ran with a very nice woman, we kept each other motivated. It turns out she is in the running group, but the west side one. I'm on the east, so officially there is still not true east side person with whom I've bonded. 

But we were having the east / west discussion after the run and some woman turned to me and said, "I run with the east side group, I've never seen you".  Honestly, while I didn't lose it, I was direct: "I was in a group picture with you last week at the race; and I've ran almost every Tuesday and Saturday". 

No, "oh" or anything. She then tried to sell me some supplements for running.  I declined. 

BTW, at that race, someone took pics of everyone in said group who crossed the finish line.   ......well, everyone, but me.  And yes, I was petty enough to check:  one person came in like 45 seconds before me and people 2-3 minutes behind. So...........it's like they weren't there. 

They either don't who I am at all or don't care or are just making a statement. Either way, it's not great. 

Three more weeks of this group. That's it. I shan't be renewing to run with these folks. I'll just have to fun by my lonesome, find a new group, or start my own!  That'l show 'em!

Song by: Al Stewart


Travel said...

Sad. Other than races, I was a solo runner for the most part. I did run with the Orlando Front Runners and found them to be welcoming, though there were cliques.

Old Lurker said...

Okay. You won me over. Maybe this is not the group for you. But I hope you find or create something better. Maybe some of your Scruff buddies would be interested?