Thursday, May 26, 2022

You Could Make a Killing

I'm still bent out of shape about the shootings mass executions in Texas.

I'd fucking like everyone to be, but 90% of people have gone on with their lives and a shrug of the shoulders. They accepted defeat as soon as the bodies were cold. Probably before. 

It's sad. Not shocking. 

There is absolutely nothing Congress - either side / either party - will do. NOTHING. 

The Second Amendment - whatever interpretation one might have - is about the right to 'arms'.  However, it's not about the right to ammunition. Why isn't someone legislating the fuck out of that?  Or at least trying? 

Like fucking clockwork, the chatter of: "arm the teachers". 


It's not about how an almost poverty level job (once you factor in the hours of before and after class time they have to put in)  has to lay down their life to protect the kids.  Parents are already expecting the world out of these teachers with over-filled classrooms and basically hoping to get through the day without interruptions of all kinds - let alone a hail of gunfire. 

Thanks to Ohio's governor, you don't even need training or permit to carry a weapon. This douche wants to win re-election in the worst way.  And he'll succeed - on both fronts. 

So parents, communities and politicians who think teachers should be packing, riddle me this:
  • If I don't need to be trained in firearms, should Mrs. Smith who has 2nd period math?  I mean, they're watching over your 'darlings'. ''
  • Who is paying for these weapons and ammo?  I mean, schools and the state already don't even basic supplies for teachers - they have to shell out for them on their own. 
  • Will teachers get full immunity when they accidentally put a bullet through Evan's head when they tried to shoot the guy with the gun?
  • Best yet:  will you pay them the salary of a teacher, security guard and armed marksman?  Oh - and clean-up crew?

It would not surprise me that these parents do indeed expect taking a bullet for their kid to be part of the job requirements for accepting a position at the school district. 

You know what's sadder?  Each and every time and event like this happens, there is a sliver of me that thinks:  THIS will be the time of action. 

It's silly and demoralizing, because, as you know, I'm not an optimistic person, but in this case, one almost has to be.....even if just a sliver.  But each time I'm not just proven wrong, it's with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire hitting me upside the head and the absolute cruelty this country condones and encourages. 

Yes. Encourages.  By having no repercussions for any of this behaviour, these tactics, these killings, there is no downside for anyone but a few dozen parents. You certainly don't hear the funeral homes or casket makers advocating for gun safety - hell, the one funeral home in Uvalde is going to make a killing.  Pun fully intended 

That said, I love Steve Kerr.  I have since he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. But he is a winning coach - and when you're winning you can say most anything. While you might have not have backing of your front office, if you're winning, they won't fire you. 

Kerr has spoken passionately about any number of social issues including the killing of George Floyd and now Uvalde.  

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