Wednesday, May 11, 2022

the Way I Choose

This tweet just kind of floored me. 

It is so simple and logical, so of course, the right won't see it or understand it - or think it truly applies. 

But this is it: isn't it?  I mean - really? 

Choice is an odd thing. 

You can't choose to have an abortion anymore - or soon - and yet you can't choose to adopt. And depending where you are, and if you're gay (which isn't a choice), you are not allowed to adopt if you chose to do so. 

In those scenarios, there is actually no choice. 

There are determinations. There are judgements. There is no choice. 

So why isn't this the counter argument to SCOTUS when it gets to their docket?  Not if - when. 

If a woman can be forced (!!) to carry a baby to term, why can the court not mandate that the father be on the hook for all care and costs?  Don't give the kid up for adoption, give it to their rapist, their prom date, their father (who raped them) and say "this is yours.........see ya". 

While I would hate to see children suffer, I do want every adoption agency, social services center, on the brink of collapse to to thousands of babies who enter the system and never leave. Can never leave. Will never leave until they age out.  I want to see agencies go broke because they have to pay $$$ to foster families.  I want to see everyone of these struggling states on the brink of collapse financially due to this. 

I want a dozen kids dropped per day at fire houses and hospitals. 

I don't really want to see that, but I don't want to see kids abused and die by malnutrition because their mom is 14 and cannot possibly care for, raise, feed or clothe a child. 

The Right has heard this all before.  They. Just. Don't. Care.   

For some fucking reason it wins them points at election, because the idiots who vote for them don't understand their dollars go to raise these unwanted kids. Oh sure, it's on the ultra-cheap, but that's where the money goes. 

And yes, the same Right will insist on cutting social spending for these programs, never seeing the irony. 

I hate people.  Truly. 

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