Friday, May 06, 2022

Do As I Say

The headline made me laugh. Internally. Where it counts.

Yes, Dave Chappelle was attacked at one of his shows, which is scary. But is it as frightening as a Howie Mandel set at the Chucklehut? 

I'll take my chances with the guy holding the knife. It seems the death would be less painful than Howie on stage.  .....and quicker too. 

Mandel and other comedians cited Will Smith as the potential reason for this type of behaviour.  While I'm guessing I'd hate to agree with Howie, he and others might not be wrong. 

I mentioned a few weeks back that Smith opted to be a Karen and hit someone for whom he didn't agree. And without real consequences. Oh no! He can't get free movie screeners for 10 years!! How will he ever survive? He doesn't get a decade worth of swag for presenting at the Oscars! I guess he'll have to buy his own mud mask kits now. 

But this goes back farther than Will Fucking Smith. I attribute the rapid decline in acceptable behaviour to BLOTUS. His tear downs of any and every one, with zero repercussions, brought out a horrible side of this country that was at least pretending to hide. 

It's no longer hiding. 

People are extremely reactive these days. It's there way or the highway - literally. Driving in the last 5-7 years has become outrageous. Red lights are merely suggestions now. It's a "do as I please" kind of world now - more than ever before.  

Except that it's not. 

It's a "do as I please..............not do as you please.......just me!" kind of world. 

And as Rock and Chappell found out - jokes are off limits. You might offend someone. Or someone who knows someone who's heard of something one time.  I mean, I assume Chappell set someone off, but I don't know that for sure. 

Mandel might be safe. I mean, I'm guessing he's still doing the surgical glove over the head thing? Who is he gonna piss off?  The PPE industry?  ....and if no one laughs, is it still a joke? 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I agree that TFG opened Pandoras White Supremacist Hope chest, and will try to ride it somewhere towards 2024 or someone will.
Howie Mandel is a no talent germaphobe. If Chris Rock had simply slapped Will Smith back oh , what a difference that could have made.