Saturday, May 21, 2022

I Get Around

As I somewhat mentioned before, it was a tough week. So, there are not tons of pics. 

I get that cats nap a lot!  But I'm just not sure why they move from place to place during the day to do the same thing. 

Our bedroom. My sister-in-law's bedroom. Shep's bedroom.   ....and yes, Shep has his own king sized bed. Why do you ask?   I'm guessing my s-i-l place the steps there for Sophie to come down easily. 

Someone (me) might have been snacking outside. 
Someone (not me) might have bee very interested. 

New neighbor dog, Willa. 
Lovely eyes. But in a way - TOTALLy creepy when she stares at you. 
That said, she could have as easily been interested in Shep, but she whines for my attention. I love it. 

More lounging - in yet another room. 

It's grilling season. Shep would like to assist. 

Song by: the Beach Boys


James Dwight Williamson said...

Willa , looks like she could use some love and a cheeseburger. 👍

Raybeard said...

My most recent feline lodger who, like all the previous ones, moved in without asking permission to do so, has a look very reminiscent of this Willa despite being, it hardly needs saying, a completely different animal.

Every night Patchie (the 'senior' cat) sleeps with me, with a regular battle of 'glares' with Bobby to see which of them gets to sleep beside my head end. And when I turn over in the night, Patchie has to come to the other side of the bed so that I'm always facing him.

I like to see how Shep has to keep interacting with the world around him - while Sophie just lets the world roll by, as long as it's not disturbing her, and if it does she'll have to intervene.

Bob said...

Our cats move around all day seemingly looking for a "better" spot.

Anonymous said...

Lovely seeing them, I now have a stray cat that I have been feeding for a couple of years last year he moved in so we have named him Sunshine, he is tiny but eats a lot and very cute but he is still wary of people.

Ur-spo said...

It's a cat's life to move from place to place. One doesn't question it I suppose
As for the dog, its job is to hang about hoping for some treat from the table.