Wednesday, May 04, 2022


The once purplish Ohio is just now full-on red. 

I mean, it has been for a few years, but it's just getting downright scary, just like everyplace that isn't Massachusetts. Even there I'm not sure women's bodies or gay marriage is safe. 

If you haven't seen, a leaked item from SCOTUS clearly has Roe v Wade in its sites to be overturned. Roberts is more concerned about the leak than the agenda of the court. It seems to be going out of its way to get cases in front of them to push this along then the natural way cases are supposed to get there. 

NONE of this would be in front of the court if someone tried to regulate a man's body. They'd strike that fucking law down so fast Ginny Thomas wouldn't have time to text about it. 

Still, make no mistake, women's reproductive rights are on the line at the federal and state levels. And once those are gone, the Right is coming for the homos and will be on the path to repeal same-sex marriage. 

I know it sounds crazy, but honestly, it's really not. This is a take an inch / mile kind of group. 

Since yesterday was our primary day - which was kind of amazing since the Ohio GOP is doing everything to really fuck up voting districts - I came home from work and walked down the street to our polling place. It's my first in-person vote since 2006. 

Since turning 18 I have yet to miss any kind of election - and I wasn't about to start now. 

It's only the primary, so I can't vote on those fucking 'tards running for Rob "I NOW love my gay son" Portman's senate seat. Each of those guys is worse than the last.  We have actually had to stop watching Jeopardy because the political ads are non-stop.  Even the lead democrat is "must stop China".  He sounds just like the Republican ads. 

I feel gloom and doom over the mid-terms. Pappy Joe is doing his party zero favours. None. At all. Call me Nate Silver, but I suspect "we" will be losing the House and the Senate.  It's not just sad - it's dangerous and possibly just the final nail in democracy........what's left of it. 

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Raybeard said...

And who gave MRS Clarence Thomas a vote anyway? (Not that it's made much difference!)

The Cool Cookie said...

I would so love it Ginny Thomas was involved in this leak...