Monday, May 23, 2022

My Music Monday

2022 Rock Hall inductees are the theme. 

I like Duran Duran well enough,  Are they Rock Hall worthy?  Maybe.  

MTV had been a thing, but their second album, Rio, really cemented not just them, but the second British invasion - and D2 lead that charge. They also kicked up video production standards for all bands making music filmettes. 

Their music is fine. Some better than others, even if the lyrics really really don't make sense. 710 heard me sing "I smell like I sound......" from "Hungry Like the Wolf".  He didn't believe me that these were the words, so he looked them up. Let's just say, I wasn't wrong. 

Don't get me started on "Union of the Snake". 

The band got in on their first nomination. Actually, I think at least 5 nominees did. 

I could pick one of the flashier videos they did, but I'll stick with the first - or one of the first - "Planet Earth". make you feel old, the song and their debut album is 41 years old. 

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