Saturday, May 28, 2022


Pet Day.  Pet Day. 

Bad Dad(s). 
When his tongue is like that he needs water - and we forgot to bring it on that walk. 

Sophie is quite the pack animal. 

Daycare Days. 
I love how Shep looks like he's smiling. 

This is our neighbor, Scoonie.
For the first year we lived here, I didn't know his name, so I called him 'Walter'.  It's not. 
Scoonie always says 'hello' when we walk past. He has a great low, but friendly bark. 

He also has a lesion near his eye he won't keep his paw(s) away from - hence the cone. 

Soph really does love that kitchen rug. Made for her colouring. 


He was in good 'stay' mode when Dad #1 came home. But you can see the excitement start to build. 

Song by: Bad Company


Raybeard said...

Thanks. These have given me the Saturday morning 'lift' which I lays look forward to.

Bob said...

Again Sophie's face slays!

And Shep's grin.

Anonymous said...

That rug suits Sophie very much.

Travel said...

The warm spot of the week

Ur-spo said...

Doe Sophie show excitement when you come home?