Thursday, May 05, 2022

It's Only Rock n Roll (but I Like It)

Listen, I like Dolly - as a person / persona - but can we just stop calling the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? 

Dolly is on the list of inductees to the Hall, though she has no rock song, and arguably no non-country pop-cross overs. She's not even on the influencer inductee list, but the performers one. She is a talent and can play guitar, sing and write, but so did David Cassidy, but you don't see him on the list. 

Songwriters Hall of Fame? Sure.  Country / Bluegrass / Gospel Hall of Fame?  Shoe-in. 

So let's cut the crap and call it the Music Hall of Fame.  ABBA, Donna Summer and Miles Davis were stretching the limits. Parton, while very talented, is not rock and / or roll. 

The other nominees were more on the mark:  Pat Benatar for sure. Eurythmics - absolutely. Eminem, more about rap than rock, and while he's not my thing per se, it's hard to deny his talent. I can even abide by Carly Simon and Duran Duran.  Lionel Ritchie?'s not the Light Rock Hall of Fame. 

Kate Bush was left out - again!  That is a damn shame. Devo too.  I'm down with the Singing Skull Dionne Warwick not getting the nod. Again - not rock or roll. 

Dolly herself said if she got in she would record a rock and roll record.  I'm hoping she sticks to that. Her cover of "Stairway to Heaven" was interesting for sure, but still not rock. 

With this, Corey Hart still has a does Dr. Tongue. 

Song by: the Rolling Stones


Travel said...

Okay, made me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Somehow the committee, like Justice Kavanaugh, never learned that when the lady says NO, she means no.