Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Hell is for Children

Almost 10 years after Sandy Hook, and nothing has changed.  Not a g-ddamn fucking thing. 

Well, not true. As of yesterday, you can add 14 more elementary school children to the death statistics. 

Truth be told, I got home from work and saw the headline and that's it.  I've read nothing. Nor do I plan to. It is far too sad in so many regards. 

Say what you want, and while every life counts in this regard, it seems a lot lot worse when they are elementary school-aged kids. We are number to the high school shootings, which the shooters are usually high schoolers themselves. 

But this is Texas. A gun state. Ironically, a severe pro-life state - unless your trans, then they're not. But gun deaths of children there don't mean prof-life. It means more pro-gun.  Arm everyone and this won't happen. 

Reality: arm everyone and it happens more often. 

The NRA is having their convention in Houston next week. Their last in-person convention guns were not allowed in the venue.  Irony. 

In more reality news, around the same time as the newest shooting, Ohio gets this:

And with this fucking shit-eating grin too. 

Irony #2:  Firearms are prohibited at the Ohio Statehouse. 

While not at retirement age, we are nearing it. We've been wondering what to do in our aging year - and where. But the where had been beach? city?   Now the discussion has turned to: which country? 

It's not longer a "joke". You cannot emigrate to Canada. It's not that easy. But I'd gladly live out my days in Paris.  But with this gun shit, women's rights, the soon to be challenged same-sex marriage and the potential return of BLOTUS (which = the last dying gasp of the U.S), the joke is no longer funny. 

Yes, we'd miss some family, and friends, but at least I'd have peace of mind. 

I think. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

One Marine LaPen away from Putin.

Old Lurker said...

On the other hand, this will be a great NRA "good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns" talking point. Sigh.

Jeffrey said...

When 45 was elected, a friend of mine emigrated to Australia with her husband and daughter. She just said "enough of this sh!t. I'm not raising my daughter here."

Travel said...

Spain? Mitchell and SJ found Spain one of the less bureaucratic

Anonymous said...

A truly shocking and devastating event for the families involved. Heartbreaking.