Monday, May 09, 2022

My Music Monday

So I can use the rest of this month for a theme, right?  I mean, it's my blog. 

2022 Rock 'n Roll Hall o'Fame inductees.  At least some of them. Not Dolly, as I still don't believe she should have been nominated let alone selected. 

Let's start with Pat Benatar. 

There are a number of songs with which I could have gone. Some weren't rock and / or roll, but more jazz leaning. Some were overdone. Benatar was big in the 80s. Lots of MTV time, all in black leotard with a red belt look. Good song, not a lot of video originality. 

I almost went with "Love is a Battlefield" until I looked at the video and remembered how much I came to despise it. When the song was on the radio, my then roommate, would insert the "leave me alone!"  from the whore to the pimp in the video version.  Admittedly it made me laugh - and I still do it myself to this day. 

I also add the 'ly' when Pat sings, "why do you hurt me so bad?"

But I went with "Invincible". Big hit. From a movie I didn't see, nor do I know anyone who might have. Or least they won't admit to the fact.  Admittedly, the song has a great hook. 

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