Monday, May 30, 2022

My Music Monday

So, it's come to this in the 2022 Inductees:   Dolly Parton?  Pass.   Eminem?  Nah.  Lionel Ritchie????? Hell no.  

That pretty much leaves Carly Simon. 

If this were the Adult Contemporary Music Hall of Fame - sure.  I mean, I guess.  But Rock and Roll ? 

"You Belong to Me"?   "Comin' Around Again"?  James Bond theme "Nobody Does it Better"????  All nice songs and all, but rock? 

Yes, she wrote her own music - mostly. Yes, she plays guitar and piano. Save for doing this in the early to mid-70s (well the bland stuff - see above - was later), Simon was not really at the forefront of women in music. Carole King and Joni Mitchell were much more prominent and influential. 

I struggled with the song to choose.  "Your So Vain" seems too obvious. "Mockingbird" seems too....I dunno.....trite and she didn't write it. "Anticipation" seems to catsup-y. 

Just to get this over, I did pick "You Belong to Me". She co-wrote it with Michael McDonald, which explains why both she and the Doobie Brothers recorded their own versions. Their version came out in '77, Simon's in '78.  Her's hit #6 on Billboard's Hot 100 (higher on their Adult Contemporary chart). The Doobies didn't release it as a single until a live rendition in '83, and their's peaked at 79. 

I'm sure the royalties still got McDonald a pool at his house. 

....but it's not Rock. 

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