Sunday, May 15, 2022

Bad News

Not a total shock:  the news is depressing. 

It's dangerous, but I skim on-line versions and ban all nightly news programs from the house. Now and again, 710 wants to read me an interesting story - and now and then, I have to tell him to stop. 

Yesterday, it is the ban on social media for banning content. Texas has said FB, Twitter and the likes cannot ban any content posted. 

While I like to think it would get struck down in any appellate, State or Federal court, clearly, things have not been going that way.  This could be a whole new definition of the First Amendment if Ginny Thomas has anything to say about it..................and she does. 

Yet, the door swings both ways, does it not?   

I can publicly call Ted Cruz's wife, a sexually diseased immigrant whore, who likes to disembowel young girls 5-9 years old, and there'd be nothing he could do about it...............right? 

As Ginny Thomas' husband so nicely stated yesterday, current SCOTUS is not the one of the Ginsberg years. Any deaf, blind, mute could tell you that you fucking asshat. 

Guess what Clarence - the ones taking away women's rights to their own body:  interracial marriage is on their agenda too.  I have no doubt you'll vote to support that too.

Oh yeah, depending on which report you read,10-20 people were shot to death at a supermarket in Buffalo, by a white anti-Semite.  It's so mundane, that even in electronic feeds, it was below the fold in the NYT and CNN sites. 

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Travel said...

Some days I just want to run away

James Dwight Williamson said...

These are vexing times