Monday, May 16, 2022

My Music Monday

2022 Rock Hall Inductees Month. 

Eurythmics are TOTALLY deserving to be in the Hall.  For the most part - they did everything themselves - write, produce, play, you name it. 

There are any number of 'obvious' songs I can throw up there, and all would be fine. But you've seen them before, here or MTV, name it. 

A horribly underrated disk is Savage. The band went back to basics here - just the two of them. No one else (pretty much). And it works. Savage is a bit more eclectic, but so great. 

I'm going with "Beethoven (I Love to Listen To)", it's got a good beat and sure, you could dance to it, but they're not gonna make it easy. 



Raybeard said...

(Second attempt!)
In the pantheon of 'significant' pop music duos the Eurythmics must be right up there alongside the Everlys, Simon & G., Hall & O......
Few captured the essence of the 80s in music as succinctly as they did - and what a voice Annie had (has) while Dave in rhe background was so damned h-h-h-hot! Whenever I put on 'Love is a Stranger' it takes me right back to a certain leather bar in Munich where this was being played on a loop before I even knew who it was. Goosebumps galore! What a formidable coupling they made!

Blobby said...

'Love is a Stranger' was my 2nd choice for today's entry.

Raybeard said...

In 'Stranger' I especially like those near-orgasmic male grunts and "Uhhhhs", which must surely have been Dave's own. "And I want(ed) HIM!"