Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Sky is Crying

Some days the world just sucks.  Yesterday was one such day.

It is not often I hang my head at hearing the news. I've become very desensitized and cynical - if I haven't been all my life.

Yesterday was a new low for humanity. I did hang my head, closed my eyes and silently wept.  Yes, me.

...and yes, I am talking about the shootings in Connecticut.  For today, I don't think I needed to reference this event by name, but in a year's time, no one reading this will know what I'm talking about and those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

Yet repeat it we do, whether it's a Colombine, Aurora, CO, Chardon, OH or any number of other schools, malls, church, federal buildings, playgrounds or work places. The problem is, we aren't forgetting history - we've been given some kind of "free" pass on these things happening - which is why it keeps happening.

What the fuck has become of this country....this world?

I'll be honest, to read the details seems harrowing. I'm not sure they'd tell me anything I'd want to know that wasn't details of how many rounds, how many dead, response times and "possible motives". And the police, religious leaders and survivors all talk in cliches about "bringing the community together" and such - you've heard it 100 times before.

The reality is, there are no words that could explain this. NOTHING could ever justify this - not that anyone but the NRA will try with their Second Amendment crap. The reality is, no one knows exactly what the framers of the Constitution meant with that. It's been an argument that is older than I am and no closer to anyone agreeing on it.

I don't give a shit to the people who say that if others are armed, that will prevent crime.  What a load of horseshit. And there is no evidence to support that statement anyways.

The NRA doesn't look out for gun owners. If they did, they would require license, training, education. But no, that would infringe on their "right" to own.  But "Myrna" down at the hair salon is required, by law (!!), to have a license, training and education to give you bangs. Myrna is such a menace to society.

And I get that many people acquire guns illegally, but g-d fucking forbid we could pass a gun bill that would actually punish those who bought or sold outside the bounds of legal means. Nope. Congress can't have that!

Then there are the right winged media assholes who will and are saying that this happened because there isn't prayer in school.  FUCK YOU.  They didn't wait a red hot minute to contribute and use the same old canned crap response(s) whether it is a shooting, a hurricane or tornado. ....and with no evidence to back up their shit.

No doubt the Westboro Baptist Church will make their presence known at any of these kid's funerals.  Why is beyond me, but you know they will. I've never understood the purpose of them showing up at soldier's funerals and the like.

For my type of media - the Simpsons and Kids in the Hall - I always flash on two segments during these tragedies.  For the Simpsons, it is Kang and Kodos observing humans after Lisa wishes for weapons to be banned but mankind must use a board with a nail in it to fight off invading aliens.

"Well Kang, it seems the humans have won".  

"Did they? That board with a nail in it may have defeated us. But the humans won't stop there. They'll make bigger boards and bigger nails, and soon, they will make a board with a nail so big, it will destroy them all!"

...and on KitH, Dave Foley makes a comment about Canada being like America......"but without the guns".

I'm not fool enough to think guns will ever be outlawed. We as a nation are too far past that point. But there has to be some middle ground and neither Congress or the NRA are willing to move off that lest they not be re-elected or lose their deep pockets for lobbying. I can't blame Obama specifically either - as all presidents have been weak on this issue. All of them.  Yes, people can and will cite some things some have done, but in the big picture, the NRA is still king of that castle, the blood runs in the streets and obtaining a weapon is as easy as anything.

But I can't help feel so bad for those parents.  My g-d, how awful.  I feel bad for the teachers and of course the children....victims and survivors. The long-term effects have got to be staggering. I'm not minimizing Colombine, but as a teen, you're a little more equipped to deal with some of this - but the life-long nightmares that must stay with a child who has lived through this boggles my mind.

I am not a man who prays. It's not that I don't believe in some spiritual presence, but this g-d that these christian commentators yak on about, believes in is all Old Testament. Those (mostly) men don't believe in Jesus - or truly speak of him. They believe in the fire and brimstone g-d.  They believe in the cutting your baby in half kind of g-d.  They don't believe in forgiveness, only retribution.

If there is the just g-d of which they speak - where is he?  He must be busy with football players making touchdowns and Grammy winners but certainly not paying attention to a K-12 school.

But yesterday and today might be the closest I come to any prayer.

...not that anyone is listening.

Song by: Stevie Ray Vaughn


anne marie in philly said...


Cubby said...

I second Anne Marie. Well done, Blobby.

Sadly it's too late to try to control handguns. Any attempt now is futile and a waste of money.

I'm still ready to activate Plan B when needed: move to Canada or Denmark.

Erik Rubright said...

I still find it sad that it's easier to get a gun that it is to get mental healthcare. And less expensive too.

cb said...

I heard about the shooting. And then watched ESPN.

I don't support "if it bleeds, it leads" journalism... which is pretty much all journalism. So I just don't watch.

tornwordo said...

I cried on the outside, multiple times. Serge mocked me of course. I just don't get how a safety training course for gun ownership is a non-starter. Why not!