Friday, December 14, 2012

Sleep On

I am exhausted.

Another half-week in California. Another red-eye. Anther landing and right into my home office - all on three hours of sleep, and not in a row.  Nor was it a good sleep.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), I had an aisle seat and no one in the middle.  It made it a little easier - had it not been for the SCREAMING baby.  90 minutes of crying.

Oh that little air brat cried on and off for the rest of the flight too, but one and a half hours straight.

People with kids shouldn't be allowed on night flights when the objective is to sleep through the air travel. They can fly when the sun is up.

I do it to myself - to a degree.  Working all day, then flying home and going right to work - that's insane, right?  I need to break the cycle.

Of course, if I just flew during the day, I'd be worried what I was missing during my flight so it's a no win.

I do believe my work travel is over for 2012.  I might take a short flight (I have a $150 voucher) just to get that Platinum status. But it sucks flying during the holiday weeks.  And it's more expensive.  And it turns out - flying 642 (I think I'm down to 642 miles from 837) isn't that easy. Even Cleveland to Chicago and back is only 630.  BWI is less.

To those who asked earlier, you can purchase extra miles, but they don't go towards premiere status. Well, for an extra (!!) $1500 it does.  But for $1500, I can get a trip to Paris.......and back for under $1000 and that will get me all the miles I need.....and then some.

Ok.  I'm drafting the night before.  It's 9:28p......way past my bedtime.

Song by: Alison Krauss

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