Friday, December 21, 2012

As the End Draws Near

Today is the day.  Possibly my last blog post.

....but I wouldn't be betting any money on it. Not that you'd have to pay-up if the Mayans are correct.

I don't know anyone who ever believed this hooey, though allegedly there are those out there that do. But these are the Hale-Bopp folks, or the May or October 2011 folks who thought the world was in peril.

The world is in peril. This has always been the case.

I suppose if I ever wanted to take the time to look up why, when, how the Mayans thought this to be the end of time, I could.  But since I'm a non-believer why bother?

But could they really have predicted the end of the world when they never saw the conquistadors coming?  ...then there is this thing with Leap Year's.  Those couldn't have possibly been taken into account when determining an end date.  We could be off by months or years at this point.

It's sad. On some levels, it would be so easy if it were just all over.  I'd never have to give or receive another performance review. I wouldn't have to do the laundry again or shovel a driveway.

Still, I enjoy my time with my man, my pets and my friends, though if it were all over for all of us, maybe we'd all be in a better place together - like East Lansing or something.

So here we are. And so we will be here tomorrow.  Unless there is that horrendous bus accident.....but until then.................

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cb said...

"Looks like we made iiiiiiiiiit...."

Ur-spo said...

only the Mayatag washer machine ended (at our house)
So it was MAYtaAg not MAYA.