Monday, December 03, 2012

My Music Monday

I had no particular way to go this week. Sometimes I have a focus, sometimes I trip upon a song - old or new.  And sometimes, I just have no clue.

I end up scrolling through my iTunes liberry looking for a song that suits me, or at least that I like. Maybe you will too - maybe not.

Today I'm going with the Go-Go's, and it's actually from their last full album, which almost no on purchased - God Bless the Go-Go's.

Horrid title. Actually, the working title was A Vision of Nowness, which is the song I picked - the pseudo title track.

The album itself is fair - it has 3-4 strong songs on it and a lot of mediocrity. Personally my choice came down to this song and "Automatic Rainy Day", but there is nothing but live footage for that - and well, it's not very good footage at that.

There was only one official video from the disk and that was for the first single "Unforgiven", but that wasn't calling to me.

"A Vision of Nowness", to me, ranks as one of the groups best songs. They are not as young, inexperienced or just lame (see most every song on Vacation) as some of their other offerings.

Again, no official video, so if you're looking for visual content, this ain't the one, but the audio is good. Or so I think.

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Anonymous said...

GOD I LOVE THIS ALBUM! I've seen them twice since they put it out and a sober Belinda is a much better performer.

I thought this album picked up were Beauty and the Beat ended. I do love Vacation and Talk Show but this was a great CD and stands up to repeated listening.